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Turkey's AcroYoga Festival Address

June 18-23, 2024

Partner Acrobatics Turkey

Foundational Teacher Training

June 07-17, 2024


AcroYoga Festival

Under the auspices of AcroYoga Antalya (İlhami) and with the support of the Circus School, we take pride in sharing our passion for AcroYoga with you as we organize the 3rd edition of TAFY Summer 2024 Festival.

Who We Are?

İlhami is the founder of AcroYoga Antalya. He regularly conducts weekly AcroYoga classes, organizes jams, and workshops in Antalya. Through these efforts, he has quickly formed an ‘Acro Yoga Community’ in Antalya, reaching out to Acro Yoga enthusiasts. With a passion for AcroYoga, he aims to facilitate the gathering of AcroYoga instructors and participants from abroad through the Turkey AcroYoga Festival, fostering the blooming of the community.

Festival Workshops

Turkey AcroYoga Festival

TAYF Summer 2024 Teacher Lineup

At the Turkey AcroYoga Festival, you will find highly skilled AcroYoga teachers, each an expert in their respective fields, allowing you to explore various AcroYoga and teaching styles. We will have special guest teachers from abroad to share their expertise, along with our talented instructors from Turkey.

The teacher lineup is designed for a maximum of 100 participants. For every additional 10 participants beyond the initial 100, an extra teacher will be included.

Acro James

Emily Baxter

İlhami & Özge

Sol Robles & Fer Lucino

Dasha Kalinikina


Cheryl & Baybars

Aksel Kesenci

Festival Program

Our program will start on June 18 at 12.30 and will end on June 23 at .12.30.There will be a total of 21 workshop rounds, with 3 workshops taking place simultaneously. Workshops will cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced, allowing you to choose and participate in the ones that suit your skill level. In addition to workshops, we offer morning yoga and stretching classes, Thai massages, entertaining competitions, and performance shows. Get ready for a packed schedule where you can both learn and have fun.

Fee and Accommodation

Festival Ticket Price*

  • Festival fee 230 €


!!!!Festival Ticket does not include accommodation fee, excursions and tours!!!!!


📢 Our festival is 50% discounted for students registered for the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training, which will be held in our festival area on 7-17 June 2024!!



— Hotel check-in is 18 June – check-out is 23 June.

— Prices are per person for 5 nights.

— Accommodation prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Room with Bathroom/WC for 2 People -270 €

Room with Bathroom/WC for 3 People – 248 €

Room with Bathroom/WC for 4 People (With Bunk Beds) – 225 €

14/18 Person Dormitory – 180 €

Tent (Your own tent) 135 €


!!!!! Please let us know the room you would like to stay in. Let us reserve your room for you. You can pay your accommodation fees on the spot at Stoa Şirince when you arrive, or you can pay for your accommodation on stoasirince.com.

Festival Venue

We would like to meet you at the Stoa Şirince (theatre madrasa), which has a fascinating architectural feature in the Şirince village of Selçuk district of Izmir, built among the hills and preserving its original historical architecture to a great extent.

From Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal (İZOTAŞ), you can reach the town center with dolmuses departing every 40 minutes to Selçuk. From Selçuk, there are dolmus services to Şirince every 20 minutes.

To travel from Adnan Menderes Airport to Selçuk, you can use the HAVAŞ shuttles operating between Adnan Menderes and Selçuk. The journey with HAVAŞ to Selçuk takes approximately 1 hour. From Selçuk, there are dolmus services to Şirince every 20 minutes.

For those traveling by private car from Izmir to Şirince, there are two alternative routes: Izmir-Aydın Highway or Izmir-Aydın State Road. Using the highway is both faster and more comfortable. After leaving the highway at the Selçuk junction and reaching the Selçuk town center, follow the signs to Şirince, and you will reach the village 8 km later. Those using the Izmir-Aydın state road should come to the Selçuk town center and follow a similar route.

The countdown for the festival has begun!

Acro James

James is a Las Vegas based Acro teacher and performer.

Originally from Canada, James is currently performing at Voltaire on the Las Vegas Strip with celebrity artists like Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue. James has also performed for Cirque Du Soleil’s Ice Show, Crystal as a Hand to Hand Porter and has recently stepped on the field for Ushers 2024 Super Bowl Half Time Performance. Appearing on TV shows with his performing group Positive Impact Movement like, Americas Got Talent, The Ellen Show, Tu Si Que Vales, Frances Got Talent, Georgias Got Talent. Other performing opportunities have also included NBA Half Time Shows, Commercials in Hollywood for Nike, Under Armor, Academy Sports, and more.

James’ classes are high energy, fun and offer a new perspective on Standing Acro. With hundreds of workshops completed in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and more you will love what these classes have to offer.

Emily Baxter

Emily Baxter cofounded PartnerAcrobatics.com and runs teacher trainings, intensives and workshops worldwide.

Born in Canada and nomadic for the last ten years, Emily happily travels, teaching, learning, laughing, playing. Alongside acro she also teaches slackline retreats and anatomy on various Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Trained as a postural therapist Emily also works with corrective exercises and functional movement.

Emily has always had a passion for movement and body awareness. This coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction.

She is known for her never-ending energy and contagious enthusiasm.

İlhami & Özge


İlhami is a movement enthusiast who values forms of practice that are individual, partner-based, and team-oriented, enriched by his experiences in tango and slackline. Starting his journey in 2018, he continued his path with Acro Yoga, becoming a passionate Acro Yoga practitioner. He is the founder of AcroYoga Antalya, where he regularly conducts weekly AcroYoga classes, organizes jams, and holds workshops.

Through these efforts, he quickly formed an ‘Acro Yoga Community’ in Antalya, reaching out to Acro Yoga enthusiasts. With a commitment to fostering the growth of the community, he established the Turkey AcroYoga Festival, providing an opportunity for the Turkish AcroYoga community to come together with instructors and participants from abroad.

He is an AcroYoga enthusiast who aims to bring the Turkish AcroYoga community together with AcroYoga instructors and participants from abroad and to bloom the community with the Turkish AcroYoga Festival.


I can say that AcroYoga, which I started as a hobby, turned into a passion for me. As I do movements that I thought I couldn’t do, as my body stretches and I gain balance control, I feel much stronger and better. As my body transcends itself, my mind also becomes free, and this gives me great self-confidence and happiness. Along with all this, being able to share what I have learned over time and meeting beautiful people from all over the world makes acroyoga indispensable for me. I can’t wait to share our experiences with you at the festival.

Fer Lucino & Sol Robles

Fer Lucino

Fer Lucino is a nomad born in Argentina. 

He has been teaching and sharing this discipline for several years in different parts of the world. He loves Icarians and especially all the foot to foot tricks.

He believes that acroyoga is more than just a practice, but rather a lifestyle where what is learned on the mat is carried over to your daily life. 

He loves the sea, the waves, the adrenaline of extreme sports and his gift is balancing objects with his chin.

Sol Robles

Since I can remember I have a fascination for movement. I’ve always been climbing something. And so began the search for my body in movement and the passion to investigate the different languages in which my body expresses itself and moves through space.

I am an acrobat and a teacher. I love sharing and learning, both knowledge and experiences, either through games or a nice talk with some good Argentinian mates. I believe that playing is what brings us together, and where we can let go and find ourselves in relation to others. I like to make people laugh, to show that I am human, that I fall all the time, that I can learn from that fall and get up with a smile.

Dasha Kalinikina

Practicing acro since 2010. My background is a yoga and Thai massage teacher.

I started one of the first in Russia, there was no acro community yet. So when I started it was really slow. Recently I have been traveling, studying and teaching acroyoga in different parts of the world. I organize an annual Acroyoga festival in Altai mountains, Russia.

In 2019, I did Acro Revolution Teacher training.

In 2021 I received the Partner Acrobatics  certificate.

Acro is my greatest passion and love. I love flow, slacro, h2h, but at the moment my favorite topic is icarian. I like to combine different things and come up with new things.

I love playing, traveling and teaching acro all over the world.

Masha & Kuzma

Hey! I’m Masha! And I believe that acroyoga can save the world! And I’m with her!

Acroyoga for me is like a life celebration. “If you don’t feel fun during practice, then you are doing something wrong.” I give my preference to beautiful, unknown, creative and jumping. Flying and basing. Learn and teach.

On a regular basis I teach in Moscow, arranging regular AcroYoga camps outside the city, I was a guest teacher at the Akromariyka festival, VI AcroYoga in Altai and the All-Russian AcroYoga Convention 2021.  Have gone through the AcroYoga teacher training from at AcroRevolution team as well as the local one, in Magnitogorsk.

Love is on the air.

Let’s fly!


I began to practice acroyoga since 2015, having fallen in love with this practice at the first sight. Now it is closely joined with my life, combining communication with people, esthetic pleasure from beautiful forms, and physical activity. I am a student of the Siberian school of acroyoga in Novosibirsk. Acroyoga for me is first of all continuous research process. The study of yourself, your body and consciousness, the possibilities of interaction with a partner, the individual characteristics of different people. And of course, getting pleasure from the process)

Constantly training and learning new things at various seminars and in various acro communities, I try to share my knowledge and skills during my travels around the Russia and the world. No matter what level you are or which opinion on your physical abilities you have, I’m sure that we will have something to talk about and what to try together😉

Cheryl & Baybars

“Cheryl and Baybars have been training together for over three years, with a combined experience of over 14 years (me 4 years plus you 10+ years?). Cheryl is a certified yoga teacher, with additional experience training and coaching gymnastics. Baybars is a skilled athlete with additional experience in gymnastics and martial arts. Together, they’ve taught formal and informal classes in Toronto, Vancouver, and in Istanbul. They’ve learned from teachers around the world, including New York, Canada, and Costa Rica, and have taken classes with world renowned circus performers. 

Classes taught by Cheryl and Baybars begin with learning proper technique and spotting to ensure safety while practicing. Unique poses and transitions through poses are then taught to encourage creativity and group collaboration. By the end of class, students should expect to learn new flows, and start to learn how to create their own flows.”

Aksel Kesenci

Hello, everyone! I’m Aksel, a passionate movement enthusiast deeply invested in exploring and sharing the diverse art forms of movement. For more than a decade, I’ve been guiding individuals on their fitness journeys, empowering them to build strong, flexible, and resilient bodies that sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.

My journey began as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach. However, my path has led me to delve into various disciplines and methodologies over the years, continuously researching and learning. My aim is to cultivate a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, transcending conventional perceptions of physicality.

I’m dedicated to reshaping how we perceive our bodies, nurturing a profound connection and understanding for a body that moves well, feels capable and free. 

I can’t wait to share some of my insights with you all! We will be focusing on mobility, natural movements and some theory for strength programming for your Acro practice.